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...Although Villaraigosa was and is a public official, he did not condemn the repeated calls for the establishment of an independent country of Aztlan or the references to this country as "AmeriKKKa" and the "United Snakes of America." In fact, Villaraigosa praised one of the participants, Jose Angel Gutierrez, Director of Mexican-American Studies Center at the University of Texas at Arlington, who has professed since 1970 that "Our devil has pale skin and blue eyes," and who once said at a MAYA (Mexican American Youth Organization, the forerunner to MEChA) meeting, "To the gringos in the audience, I have one final message to convey, 'Up yours, baby. You've had it, from now on.' "
Source: http://www.mayorno.com/villar.html

May also be confirmed in this document [Download PDF version]

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