January 3, 2005

Politics Impedes Border Enforcement
Donaldson: "People are not going to like that, but I'm telling you the truth."

Sam Donaldson, ABC news. (He is wrong about Hispanics being the majority in twenty years.)
Hardball - January 2
Chris Matthews: Why do so many states issue phony ID cards to people who are here illegally to make it seem like they're here legally. What's the point of that, Sam?
Sam Donaldson: Well, let's talk practical politics. In about twenty years, according to the estimates, the majority in this country will be Hispanic, and politicians know that. George W. Bush played successfully for the Hispanic vote. He got from 34 to 44 percent of the vote. Republican Party, and Democrats too, like to hold on. Republican Party would like to have 54 percent of the vote. It's not going to happen if they're going to crack down on illegal immigration on our southern border, and the reason is practical politics. People are not going to like that, but I'm telling you the truth. (Transcript of most of show segment)

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