January 18, 2005

Rice Mouths Immigration Mantra
Lockstep March to Bush Drum

National Security Advisor: Under her watch we were attacked by people she didn't think were a direct threat to us. Then we attacked people who were not a direct threat to us. Mexico is a direct threat to us and she is inviting them to invade us.
C-SPAN - January 18
Condoleezza Rice: The president has a proposal on the table for a temporary worker program that would serve the purposes in a humanitarian sense in that it would help to alleviate what is a humanitarian crisis for us. It would help us economically because of matching willing workers and willing employers is an extremely important thing for our economy when there jobs Americans will not take. It's not an amnesty and the president has been very clear about that. But is also has for our security, real implications because if we are not asking our border guards and our border personnel to deal simultaneously with immigration that comes out of economic circumstances and dangerous border infringements that comes out of terrorism, and they have a more regularized way to deal with the former we think that will make it easier to deal with some of the terrorism.
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