January 19, 2005

Dobbs On the Job, O'Reilly AWOL
CNN Takes the Lead in Defending America
Lou Dobbs Tonight - January 18
DOBBS: Still ahead here, a top Mexican government official makes an outrageous demand of the United States and what does the United States Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge do? He calls that official of the Mexican government his amigo. That story is next. And "Assault on the Middle Class," our special report this week. Tonight, why millions of Americans are more concerned about the cost of health care than their medical problems. [Commercial]
DOBBS: The Mexican government has made yet another outrageous demand of the United States. A top Mexican government official told Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge Mexican workers have the right to work in the United States, to receive benefits and return to their home country. Mexico, in fact, is demanding the United States relax its immigration policy and standards. -- Casey Wian has the report from Los Angeles.
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