February 1, 2005

Border War Turning Hot
Mexicans shooting at Americans

Arizona Daily Star - Feb. 1, 2005
"You won't know you're being invaded until you try to stop it." Glenn Spencer, 1995
Arizona Daily Star. -- Feb. 1, 2005
Assaults on border agents rising fast
An already volatile U.S.-Mexico border climate worsened in the past week as U.S. Border Patrol agents in the Tucson sector came under gunfire three times, with one shot so close the agent heard the bullet whiz past. (more)
Drug van crashes through fence near ABP headquarters.
Glenn Spencer of American Border Patrol was fixing coffee at 5:15 am Monday when a vehicle raced past ABP's headquarters heading north. According to follow-up reports, the vehicle was a drug load that had crashed through the border fence. ABP is seeking funds to improve security at its new headquarters. To make a tax- deductible donation, call 1-800-600-8642 or click here.

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