February 5, 2005

Red Herring* Hearing
Torture Issue Diverts Attention Away from Invasion

Gonzales - Opposes local law enforcement cooperation with federal immigration officers.
Senate Gives Gonzales Free Hand on Border
When conservative John Ashcroft faced Senate confirmation, four days of hearings were designed to nail him down on issues such as race, affirmative action and desegregation. Twenty witnesses were called. Attorney General nominee Alberto Gonzales faced only two days of hearings with questions limited mainly to his role in the administration's policy on torture. In the single question on immigration law enforcement, Gonzales said illegal aliens are citizens.
    "America is facing an invasion across its border with Mexico and the U.S. Senate has proven once again that it doesn't care," said Glenn Spencer of American Patrol.

 * n 1: any diversion intended to distract attention from the main issue

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