February 8, 2005

Senate Drags Feet over Mexican Invasion
Showdown Looms Over HR 418 - REAL ID Act of 2005

Senate Majority Leader Frist
Dancing to Bush's Tune
Lou Dobbs Tonight -- CNN -- February 8
Bill Frist: .. I assume sometime over the course of the next several months we will be dealing with some element of immigration, but no commitments have been made.
Ed Henry: (CNN )So Senator Frist is not clearly saying that he is even going to bring up James Sensenbrenner's proposal this year, even if they pass the House. Another roadblock is that even if they do get taken up in the Senate, House leaders are talking about adding the Sensenbrenner bill-merging it with the Iraq war funding bill that will be coming up soon-a must-past legislation that they think will make it easier, make it faster to the President's desk for his signature, but Senate leaders said they would like to keep the Iraq funding bill clean.
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