February 10, 2005

BP UAV Spotted 853,000 Invaders in 3 Months
Incredible Report Proves Malfeasance
No one should have died in desert
According to a report in Aviation Daily, last summers test of the Hermes 450 UAV was a stunning success. "Paul Olski, director of aviation joint planning and development in the Department of Homeland Security, said that the three Hermes 450 UAVs patrolling the Arizona-Mexico border were so successful that the agency plans to purchase 'a number of Hunter UAVs.' During a three-month test period, the Hermes, flying at about 15,000 feet at around 90 knots, spotted some 853,000 people crossing the border, according to Olski."
---- Glenn Spencer of American Border Patrol said even he found the number to be incredible. "If this report is true, no one should have died in the desert last summer," Spencer said, "They knew where the danger spots were and they knew who was in them," he added. [DHS attributed only 965 apprehensions to the Hermes and 287 to the Hunter.] VideoWindows Media Player Format Watch the Hermes (Broadband Speed)

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