February 14, 2005

Next Battlefront:
L.A. Mayoral Race - March 8
Their Weapon: The Los Angeles Times-- Our Weapon: Walter Moore

Walter Moore for Mayor
Princeton & Georgetown Law
Moore's Illegal Immigration Platform
    We must stop importing poverty.  Everyone feels sympathy for people in third-world countries who want a better life.  But there are 6.4 billion people in 193 countries around the world.  They can't all move to L.A.  Sympathy does not require us to commit fiscal and cultural suicide. 
    Illegal immigration has gotten completely out of control. It is bankrupting our government, shutting down our emergency rooms, overcrowding our schools, jails and housing, and destroying our American culture.

Hear Walter Moore debate the other major candidates on KABC Radio (AM 790) on February 15 from 7 to 8 am Pacific time.

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