February 16, 2005

L.A. Mayor's Race: Mexico vs. Moore
"With the exception of ...Moore, every other man
...sounds like they are on the payroll of Vicente Fox"

Walter Moore
Lou Dobbs Tonight/McIntyre in the Morning
KABC Radio and CNN -- February 15
Walter Moore: Our city is aiding and abetting a large scale violation of federal immigration laws. We need to let our police investigate, enforce and cooperate with federal immigration.
Casey Wian: Moore was the only candidate favoring enforcement of immigration laws. City Councilman Antonio Villaraigosa, leading in one poll, suggested giving money to Mexico and other countries is a way to reduce immigration.
Caller:"With the exception of this fellow Moore, every other man I heard today sounds like they are on the payroll of Vicente Fox. It's outrageous. "
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