February 20, 2005

L.A. Times Works to Bury Illegal Alien Issue
The newspaper that destroyed L.A. still at it

    Above, today's Los Angeles Times shows photos of mayoral candidates.
    At left, the one they left out. --(All told, the Times has run 6 stories that included Moore's name. All avoided the illegal immigration issue.)
A History of Deception
Illegal immigration has all but destroyed Los Angeles. Yet, the city's major newspaper has worked overtime to lie about the issue and keep it out the public domain. "The evidence is very clear," said Glenn Spencer, "The L.A. Times is a criminal, traitorous organization that will stop at nothing to advance the Mexican takeover." Spencer added that no self-respecting journalist would stay on their payroll. (See L.A. Times/American Patrol dispute over an ad.) (Also, search this site for "L.A. Times and Ad")

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