February 21, 2005

Another Useless Newspaper
Sierra Vista Herald Knows No Shame

2002: "Vigilante patrol not needed, may add to danger"
Herald/Review - 7/28/02

One California-led group's plans for a modern-day, high-tech vigilante posse are misguided and perilous. Any good the American Border Patrol could hope to do is eclipsed by the dangers it poses...
2005: Terrorists and U.S. borders
Herald/Review - 2/21/05
According to U.S. government officials, al-Qaida is serious about entering our nation illegally through our border with Mexico.
Who Forced the Border Patrol To Use UAVs? ABP
May, 2003 - Lester Holt Live - Sept, 2003 - AJC
Washington -- The Department of Homeland Security is considering the use of unmanned drones along U.S. borders to find illegal immigrants, but a citizen group is beating the agency to the punch.
Results 2004:
BP UAV Spotted 853,000 Invaders in 3 Months
Who Was First to Warn About Terrorists Crossing the Border? ABP
It Smuggled "WMDs" twice!

Who refused to cover these ABP success stories? The SV Herald. Who refuses to admit it was wrong about ABP?
The Sierra Vista Herald - Publisher Phil Vega

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