February 22, 2005

Bush Mends Fences in Europe, but
Leaves Them Broken Here

U.S. Refuses To Repair Damaged Border Fences

Resident shows where 200 feet of border fence was knocked down Monday afternoon.
Border Fence Remains Down
    Palominas, Arizona -- Feb. 21 - When a suspected drug smuggler drove along the border Monday afternoon he heard gunfire from a 50 caliber weapon. He immediately reversed direction and headed back into Mexico, ripping out 200 feet of border fence. The gunfire was from a private shooting range. According to border resident Mark Knaeble, damage to the fence, that will make it easier for illegal aliens and drug smugglers to enter the United States, will not be repaired by the U.S. government. "They're (Border Patrol) not going to fix it," said Knaeble, "I have to fix it, or call Ochoa"(neighbor to the south in Mexico).
VideoWindows Media Player FormatWatch (video taken by Glenn Spencer who was 1200 feet away when the smuggler broke through the fence.)

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