February 24, 2005

More Nonsense from Hutchinson
UAVs More Effective at Stopping Illegals Than a Fence?

"We used a fence in the San Diego area." -- Nonsense, Muriel Watson forced them to.
CSPAN -- February 21AP Internal Use Only
Hutchinson: We have used a fence in the San Diego area. We used fences in some of the urban areas, in Texas that add a protective level. Whenever we do this, it's not just a matter of putting up a fence, you've got to put Border Patrol Agents there to patrol the fence, just like in Israel. Of course in Israel there are hundreds of miles of border where here we're looking at thousands of miles of border. And so there is a quantitative difference. But we utilize a fence structure in certain areas it's much more difficult... we utilize unmanned aerial vehicles (no they don't, they're grounded) we're trying to use new technology. Sometimes that's much more effective, actually, than the physical structure of a fence.
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