February 25, 2005

Cable News Gives L.A. Times a Pass
Gross Misdeeds Ignored by CNN, Fox, MSNBC?
A Long History of Dishonesty Ignored
The ugly face of the Los Angeles Times took on another wart when it ran a phony poll that blacked out the name of the only Republican candidate Walter Moore. Just as when the Times forced the L.A. Daily News to kill a legitimate political ad, these blatantly dishonest actions by one of the biggest U.S. newspapers are ignored by the usually hard-hitting cable news outlets. The question is why? Is the Times too big for these guys?
"People, the L.A. Times is a joke. It would be funny, except it's misleading voters into thinking they have to settle for career politicians. Don't be misled or discouraged by anything you read in it." -- Walter Moore

L.A. Mayoral Candidate Walter Moore

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