March 6, 2005

Does L.A. Need a Mayor who Reports to Mexico City?
Criminal L.A. Times Endorses Villaraigosa

Villaraigosa and Mexican President Zedillo applaud killing of Proposition 187.
Times Killed American Patrol Ad Four Years Ago
    Four years after the Los Angeles Times violated the law and forced the L.A. Daily News to kill an advertisement that exposed Antonio Villaraigosa, it has returned to endorse this lackey of the Mexican government. The Times got a friendly judge to rule against AP in an outrageous decision. The appeal was lost when AP's lawyer disappeared.
    "If the people of Los Angeles put Villaraigosa into the mayor's office, while failing to support Walter Moore, it will prove beyond doubt the golden rule: 'Those who have the gold rule,'" said Glenn Spencer of American Patrol.
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