March 12, 2005

Does Bush Hate Americans?
Why else would he appoint a Mexican reconquista as A.G.?

Gary Martin - San Antonio Express-News - March 12AP Internal Use Only
La Raza, Gonzales see eye-to-eye
...NCLR [National Council of 'The Race', often referred to as the 'Tan Klan'] backed Gonzales not just because he is Hispanic, but because of his record in Texas as a secretary of state and counsel to then-Gov. George W. Bush.
    It was Bush, and his counsel Gonzales, who halted any initiative similar to California's Proposition 187 to deny children of illegal immigrants state-paid education and health benefits.
    "Gov. Bush stopped it cold in Texas, and Alberto Gonzales had a role in that," said Lisa Navarrete, an NCLR spokeswoman.
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