March 16, 2005

Evidence Mounts: Border is a Terror Zone
Alliance Between Mexicans and Al Qaeda May Exist

Janice Kephart - Former Counsel to 9/11 Commission
Lou Dobbs Tonight - CNN - March 15
Dobbs: Is there any way in the world that the Department of Homeland Security, this administration, this congress ...can claim that we have border security in this country?
Janice Kephart: ... One of the things I did not discuss yesterday in my testimony was something that dovetails very well with things that Deputy Secretary Loy and FBI Secretary Director Muller have been saying about infiltration from the Southwest. When I was on the Commission I became aware of an open source alert to the Border Patrol...that said that the Colombian FARC was meeting with Al Qaeda in Madrid Spain and their interest was in acquiring Mexican Islamic converts to come through the Southwest border.

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