March 19, 2005

O'Reilly Asked - What's Going On?
Why Won't the President Protect Us?

Bill O'Reilly - Fox News
Best of O'Reilly - February 8, 2005 Show
[See tomorrow's feature to find out what's going on.]
In the Unresolved Problem segment tonight, why wont the federal government protect us? A very simple question. Last December 17th President Bush signed the intelligence overhaul bill into law. As part of that bill ten thousand new Border Patrol Agents were to be hired, two thousand a year for the next five years. But now the Factor has learned that's not going to happen. The President's new budget call for only 210 new Border Patrol Agents in 2006, ten percent of what was allotted. What's going on? We were supposed to talk to a member of the Tucson Border Patrol tonight - the office of Homeland Security shut them down.
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