March 30, 2005

We Told You Four Years Ago
Bush Repeats "Safe and Orderly" Mantra

Bush Meets the Fox Man --
An Observation
World Net Daily - March 29AP Internal Use Only
McClellan: Les, a couple things. First of all, this goes to a much larger issue, this question, and the larger issue is making sure that we have a safe, orderly and humane migration system. We have worked closely with Mexico on issues relating to our borders. There is more that we can do to control our borders, and the Department of Homeland Security is working to do that every day. We have an increase in the number of agents along the border, they're working to address the situation in some of the areas where you're referencing, as well.
American Patrol -- Four years ago Bush told us he was for dissolving our nation. He will not control the border unless forced to do so by Congress.

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