April 1, 2005

Bush Caves - Calls Nat'l Guard to Border
Calls Minuteman "Heroes" 

Bush orders National Guard to seal border with Mexico.
Barrier to Follow
    In a stunning reversal of policy, President George W. Bush today ordered units of the California, Arizona and Texas National Guard to seal off the border with Mexico. New Mexico units were delayed on orders of Governor Richardson. (Late reports have Richardson fleeing to Mexico.)
    "The Minutemen have shown me the error of my ways," Bush told a hastily called news conference . "These men and women are the heartbeat of America and are real heroes."
    Bush said that he had also ordered the Army Corps of Engineers to begin building a permanent barrier along the U.S./Mexico border. "In these times of deficits it is silly not to use the most cost-effective means of protecting our borders." the president said.
(Remember... it's April Fool's Day)

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