April 2, 2005

Aztecs Confront Minutemen
Opposition's Choice of Symbol Revealing
A Hostile Force
    Tombstone -- Those who gathered to protest the Minuteman Project in Tombstone Arizona chose to highlight a group of Aztecs dancers in the center of the controversy. Dancing for hours in front of Schiefflin Hall where the Minutemen gathered to register, the Aztecs pounded on drums while their supporters pounded on tin cans.
    "I find it instructive that, once again, protesters underline the claim that the American Southwest is really Aztlan, the so-called mythical homeland of the Aztecs," said Glenn Spencer of American patrol as he watched the dancers. Spencer, who authored a video documentary called "Conquest of Aztlan" said that there is much more to illegal immigration than people looking for work. "If our government had an intelligence service worth its salt it would have warned the president that the United States is being invaded by a hostile force," Spencer said.

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