April 6, 2005

Minuteman Project Gets National Attention
Senate Reacts with Amnesty Bill
Scarborough Country - MSNBC - April 5
Scarborough: Chris Simcox, are you guys going along the border with your Gary Cooper badges wearing cowboy hats, and waving guns around? Are you guys armed and dangerous?
Simcox: No, we have American citizens sitting in lawn chairs with binoculars and cell phones, spotting and recording suspicious illegal activity, just as the president has asked all Americans to do since the attack on September 11. We have a no contact policy.
Enrique Morones: The president himself called you vigilantes.

Chris Simcox
Scarborough: A couple of weeks ago you saw the Time Magazine that talked about how [al-Zarqawi] was frustrated about his lack of progress in Iraq, they're going to South America, they're going to bring terrorists through the U.S./Mexico border and go after civilian targets in America...and now we have the.. Republican Senate actually attaching an amnesty program to an emergency funding bill to fund our troops overseas. What don't politicians in Washington get?
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