April 8, 2005

Bonner Border Barrier "BS"
Border Chief Discounts Value of Fence

Robert Bonner: "There are areas of the border where there isn't any fence...the idea isn't a fence....the wise use is technology..."
Barriers the answer
Customs and Border Chief Robert Bonner (C-SPAN, 4/4) insists border barriers are not the answer to stopping illegal immigration. According to Glenn Spencer of American Patrol, they are the only answer. "The San Diego barrier system works," said Spencer. "and it is there because of citizen action. I hope the Minuteman Project will make the government do the right thing in Arizona." Spencer said Bonner's catch and release program is a complete failure and a waste of manpower and technology. "We should build a fence and use UAVs to evaluate how well the Border Patrol is doing," Spencer added.
Video Bonner's comments on the barrier (Dial-up)
Video Bonner's comments on the barrier (Broadband)
Video Part one of entire interview
Video Part two of entire interview

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