Immigration Note: Byrd and Sessions
4.20.05 - Received via e-mail

Immigration Reformers,

Something very interesting took place today in Washington DC. Senator Robert Byrd, Democrat of West Virginia offered an amendment, to be voted on by the entire Senate, that would appropriate the funds to hire 2,000 new BP Agents and 2,000 new ICE Agents. He made a passionate plea on The Senate floor to vote yes for this amendment. He even forcefully tried to embarrass members of his own party and weak Republicans. As the voting began, it appeared that the Amendment would go down in defeat. Liberal Dems. were voting against it and Corporate Republicans were voting against it, as well. Senator Jeff Sessions, Republican, of Alabama observed what was happening and summoned James Inhofe(OK)and John Kyl(AZ). He told the two of them the importance of this amendment and they decided to enter The Senate Chambers and vote "yes" together. Other Republicans observed this and became confused, some even panicked and rushed back in and changed their vote to "yes". I guess they thought all were to follow their marching orders from Karl Rove and vote "no". The tide began to turn and low and behold the amendment passed with several Democrats supporting the measure (even, Hillary Clinton). However it was Byrd's leadership and Sessions desire to put principle ahead of partisan games that won the day. When the dust settled, you guessed it, John McCain voted "no" along with 34 Republicans. One interesting fact about Senator Byrd, he has the best record on immigration votes of any current Senator of either party.

I want to thank Roy Beck and his staff for providing us with this fascinating information. Lets see to it that this trend of elected officials going against Rove/Bush continues.

Last, but not least take a moment and call Senator Byrd's and Senator Session's offices and thank them for their leadership and doing what is right for ICE and The Border Patrol. You can get more info on this story and the entire Senate vote count on this measure at

Senator Robert Byrd 202-224-3954
Senator Jeff Sessions202-224-4124


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