April 24, 2005

Border Hawk Hunts Illegal Aliens
"Securing this border should be a primary concern of every elected official..."
Washington Times - April 24
Palominas, Ariz. -- With a 10-foot wingspan, the ability to reach speeds of 65 mph, onboard cameras and heat-seeking devices, the Border Hawk could become the newest weapon in the government's effort to shut down illegal aliens and drug smugglers. [...] ..The Border Hawk was built by the American Border Patrol (ABP), a local private watchdog organization that posts pictures of illegal immigration on the border to draw attention to a rising flood of migration along the Arizona border. --- The airplane, painted white with Border Hawk emblazoned on the fuselage, uses low-light cameras, night-vision equipment and an infrared camera. It is manually launched from a short runway and, once at a safe altitude, is switched to autopilot.... More....

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