May 7, 2005

Lying About the Reason for So Many Uninsured
Investors Business Daily Tells the Truth - SF Chronicle Lies

The Great Cover up -- S.F. Chronicle - May 1
Critical condition
Who are the uninsured? Eight in 10 are in working families with modest incomes. More than 1 in 10 children go without coverage. Why? Their parents earn too much to be enrolled in public programs. Yet these working moms and dads do not earn enough to buy private coverage for their kids.
....We know the status quo is a mess, but what do we do about it?

American Patrol Comment: This SF Chronicle article makes no mention of illegal aliens. It is a perfect example of the gross dishonesty of California newspapers, including and especially the L.A. Times.
DotWe have warning about this for eleven years

The Truth
Investors Business Daily - April 28
Uninsured and Illegal
Those who count say there might be as many as 11 million illegal immigrants in this country. Of the 19 million (or whatever figure is chosen for the point of argument) who go without insurance for a full year, how many of them are undocumented workers? It's impossible to know exactly. But in any case, it would be a large share.
    What we do know is uninsured undocumented workers are breaking local governments.In Southern California they have contributed to the $1.2 billion deficit that is plaguing the Los Angeles County Health Department. Last year alone the county spent $340 million to treat uninsured patients while the state was saddled with $1.4 billion in unreimbursed health care costs. Texas spent $850 million for the same reason. In Arizona the price tag was $400 million.

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