May 10, 2005

"Last Gasp of White America" Torres
Attacks Schwarzenegger
Reconquista Refers to Governor's Nationality (race) in Attack

Lou Dobbs Tonight -- May 9
Torres: We don't feel that the vigilante approach is the right way to go.
Dobbs: Oh, Art, come on. Come on. Art, vigilante. You know, we heard Vincente Fox use this expression. We heard President Bush use it. The fact is that citizens groups, volunteer citizens groups -- and I just can't let you say that -- I saw and I met with a lot of these people. They are doing what they think is right.
Torres: I'm sure they are God-fearing, gun-toting wonderful people, but the fact of the matter is...
Dobbs: Well, just because you tote a gun -- come on.
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Red DotThe media let this guy get away with murder. Check out this page.
Red DotAnd watch as he called Republicans fascists
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Lou Dobbs Tonight - May 9
Minuteman II: Friends of the Border Patrol
...Dobbs: Even Art Torres, head of the Democratic Party in California, referred to the Minuteman Project as vigilantes. How do you react to that... -- Andy Ramirez:...The former Senator, he's clearly wrong on this issue...
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