May 13, 2005

Bonner Bashed by Davis Committee
Customs and Border Protection Chief on Defensive

Member of Committee
on Government Reform
Lou Dobbs Tonight - May 12
Rep. Brown-Waite (R FL): A couple of years ago we might have bought that they're doing jobs that average Americans won't do. So we have to come up with another excuse as to why we are so lax.
Rep. Souder (R IN): Does CBP have a strategic plan to address border security?
Rep. Duncan (R-TN): Why do you have so many people who aren't wanting to do their jobs in this agency Mr. Bonner?
Robert Bonner: We're talking about numbers that are overwhelming. If we're serious about the border we're going to have to get some real technology and we're going to have to add some more Border Patrol Agents.
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