May 15, 2005

Group Protesting Sedition Attacked
American in Intensive Care

Save Our State
Everything that we argued the monument stood for was reinforced by the hundreds of activists who opposed our presence in Baldwin Park. Numerous times we were told that this land is Mexico and that they were taking it back. Numerous times racists epithets were hurled away. One person even hurled a full water bottle at our side and sent one of our activists to the hospital with bleeding in the brain. Unfortunately, she is now in the intensive care unit and we are all praying and hoping for the best. [Note: Even though tape footage is available of the injured woman and of Latinos screaming, 'This is our land!', the media chose not to show it today.]
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When Americans speak out - they are attacked - for example
July 4, 1996 - July 4, 2000

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