May 17, 2005

C-SPAN Bias Exposed at Border
Open border advocates, failed policy spokesmen only guests on live show

Washington Journal
C-SPAN - May 16, 2005
American Patrol: C-SPAN, a service of commercial TV cable companies, showed naked bias when its live report from the border featured live guests who are known as open border advocates (Borane and Allen) biased reporters (Marizco) or apologists of a failed government policy (De La Torre and Nicely).
Video RealAudio-RealVideoWatch - Select 'Washington Journal Entire Program' - Border segment starts 45 min. into show.

Does L.A. Need a Mayor who Reports to Mexico City?
If Not, Vote for Jim Hahn TODAY, May 17

L. A. Times -- August 4, 1999
Letters to the Editor, Los Angeles Times
Sunday, August 8, 1999
    What am I missing here? Assembly Speaker Antonio Villaraigosa thanks Mexico's President Ernesto Zedillo for helping kill Proposition 187, which denied benefits to Mexicans who broke our laws to live in California illegally...We know who Zedillo works for. But who does Villaraigosa work for? ---DOREEN HIRSCHFELD
The above letter was part of an ad that was to be published in the L.A. Daily News paid for by American Patrol. The ad was never published [see this feature].
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