June 3, 2005

Reconquista Plays Hitler Card
Gutierrez Says Schwarzenegger is a Nazi

Whose the Nazi Here? Juan Jose Gutierrez in front of Mexican Army during march on Washington (Swastika added). Note Mexican flags in foreground.
Press Conference - Los Angeles - June 2 [KFI - Los Angeles]
Juan Jose Gutierrez: "We are attaching the Swastika, not to the Jewish community, not to any other community, but to the reactionary policies of Arnold Schwarzenneger."
    This is the guy whose One Stop Immigration was aimed at reducing the U.S. to the original thirteen colonies. This is the guy who led a march on Washington with the Mexican Army band. This is the guy who threatens to shut down Los Angeles if amnesty is not granted....
    Just like Hitler and the Sudetenland, Gutierrez is attempting to annex California.
    Who is the Nazi here?
Red DotTranslated La Opinión article does not Mention this clown's outrageous Nazi antics.AP Internal Use Only

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