June 5, 2005

The Road to National Suicide
Spencer on Humane Borders

"Poor Mexicans are being sent to their deaths in much the same way soldiers have died for millennia: to conquer territory. This is a demographic war of irredentists, but it is a war nevertheless." - Glenn Spencer

Easing entrants' way will hasten end of U.S.
by Glenn Spencer -- Arizona Daily Star - June 5AP Internal Use Only
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    Humane Borders is playing into the hands of Mexico and its dreams of territorial domination. If this weren't bad enough, by raising false hopes of migrants that they will find water when needed, they may well be causing even more deaths than if they did nothing.
    If we follow Humane Borders' lead, America will put out the welcome mat to any and all who wish to come to our country. We are already on the road to national suicide. Humane Borders is asking us to hit the accelerator.

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