June 7, 2005

Border Defenses Needed Against Suicide Bombers
Problem is U.S. Occupation, Not Religion

Robert Pape, author of Dying to Win, The Strategic Logic of Suicide Terrorism
Lou Dobbs Tonight - CNN - June 6
Robert Pape: So long as tens of thousands of American Combat troops remain in the Persian Gulf, we should expect anti-Americanism and suicide terrorism to continue. In Iraq, before America's invasion of March 2003, there was not a single suicide terrorist attack in Iraq's history. Since then it has been growing and will continue to grow...
Dobbs: And the economics that you are recommending in terms of absolute border security for our southern border, our northern border....
Pape: ...We need to expect that anti-Americanism will continue to grow and toughening border security, especially with a fence, much like the fence that the Israelis built on the West Bank would be an excellent investment.

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