June 12, 2005

Where Is American Border Patrol?
Haven't Seen Much Lately

Recent Border Hawk mission spotted aggressive act by Mexican Army Humvee against stationary Border Patrol vehicle. -- See photo
The "New Border Patrol"
    For more than two years American Border Patrol sent live video images of border crossers out over the Internet. According to its president, Glenn Spencer, ABP is now engaged in a special project to develop specific ideas on how to improve the Border Patrol. "We are using the Border Hawk UAV and special electronic sensors at our new border facility to get the data we need to make recommendations," Spencer said.
    Spencer said that while the Minuteman Project showed how sheer numbers can have an affect, there are more sophisticated ways to solve the problem.
    ABP expects to unveil its plan for a "New Border Patrol" this summer. "We are going to give Congress something to chew on," Spencer said.

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