June 17, 2005

Do Good Cameras Make Good Neighbors?
DHS Proposes $2.5 billion for more border cameras

Border cameras have day and night capability. (Photo taken 6/17/05)
Debate over cameras missed the point
On June 16, the ill-fated border camera system was featured on Lou Dobbs Tonight. As usual, Dobbs did an excellent job. Unfortunately the information was dated. According to American Border Patrol, the camera systems are aiding in quite a number of border apprehensions. "The problem is not the cameras, it is Border Patrol management. They refuse to submit their operation to the kind of scrutiny that is needed to find the best approach to getting the job done," said Glenn Spencer of ABP. Spencer said ABP is gathering data in preparation of a new DVD on Border Patrol operations. The working title is "Designed to Fail."
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