June 27, 2005

Taking Sides
More Mexican Americans Taking the Side of Truth

Andy Ramirez of Friends of Border Patrol -- American Border Patrol will join them this September.
KABC TV's Newsmakers - Los Angeles - June 26
    Adrienne Alpert (KABC-TV): Andy Ramirez is Chairman of Friends of the Border Patrol, a citizens group supporting Border Patrol Agents....this week you announced that you are moving the start date of your border watch to September 16, Mexican Independence Day and you picked that day to be in solidarity with Mexican citizens.
    Ramirez: Absolutely. The big reason we picked that date is that we feel that...the people of Mexico have long been exploited and enslaved by their own government....the President of the United States has talked about jobs Americans won't do. He is wrong. These are jobs that Americans used to do and are not being offered.
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