July 9, 2005

ABP Demonstrates Advanced Technology
Aerial Photos Show UAVs Can Help Spot Aliens

ABP camera spots border intruder just north of border east of Naco, Arizona. Photo was taken on the morning of July 8 at around 10 am.
Pressuring the Government
Cochise County, Arizona -- American Border Patrol (ABP), the only tax-exempt non-profit organization now working on border solutions, is employing new, improved technology to demonstrate the utility of unmanned aerial vehicles for border duty. "Our goal, including the use of the Border Hawk UAV, is to put pressure on our government to use appropriate technology in solving the border problem," said Glenn Spencer, head of ABP. Spencer said the public can expect to see some "startling" results in the next few weeks. Spencer added that ABP will be supporting Minuteman projects this fall.

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