July 19, 2005

Minutemen Calling for Reinforcements
Minuteman Founder Gilchrist Asks for Help

Open-border wacko Alvaro Maldonado leads
mob toward the VFW Post in Campo, Calif.
     Jim Gilchrist Writes: Reinforcements are needed in Campo, Ca. immediately to support Jim Chase's California Minutemen, who have deployed for border observation and reporting activities from July 16 through at least August 7 (and beyond).
    I visited Jim Chase's group, accompanied with a California state senator and his aides, last Saturday. We witnessed the literal siege of VFW Post #2080 by about 60 belligerent, death- threatening anti-Americans twice during that day. The hate- spewing members of the racist, American-hating organization known as the Mexican Brown Berets, stormed the VFW Lodge, damaging signs and other property. They were eventually repelled by the late-arriving San Diego County Sheriff's Dept...... More
Red DotAlso see this partial transcript from CNN's Lou Dobbs Tonight
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