Minutemen Calling for Reinforcements in Campo

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Jim Gilchrist

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Alfaro or Alvaro Maldonado

From James Gilchrist
Sent: Monday, July 18, 2005 2:26 PM
Subject: BULLETIN! Reinforcements needed in Campo, Ca.
Note: The staff at the American Patrol report is not positive that Armando Navarro, vehement reconquista and U. C. Riverside "professor," was involved in this particular event. His name is mentioned below, however photos supplied to us by a Minuteman Project participant depicted one Alfaro, or possibly Alvaro Maldonado (KTLA-TV identified the subject as 'Alfaro on July 20, 2005). This guy is as rabidly anti- American and pro- Mexican invasion as Navarro, and looks a lot like Navarro. Navarro has been involved in many actions such as this in the past.

Dear Americans,

Reinforcements are needed in Campo, Ca. immediately to support Jim Chase's California Minutemen, who have deployed for border observation and reporting activities from July 16 through at least August 7 (and beyond).

I visited Jim Chase's group, accompanied with a California state senator and his aides, last Saturday. We witnessed the literal siege of VFW Post #2080 by about 60 belligerent, death-threatening anti-Americans twice during that day. The hate-spewing members of the racist, American-hating organization known as the Mexican brown berets, stormed the VFW Lodge, damaging signs and other property. They were eventually repelled by the late-arriving San Diego County Sheriff's Dept. No arrests were made.

The California state senator and his aides took serious note of the hostilities and violence conducted by the Nazi-like, anarchist brown berets. Americans...these goons are incurably evil and have a history of routinely suppressing the First Amendment rights of Americans through acts of violence and threats of death.

Our First Amendment rights of freedom to peacefully assemble and speak are in serious jeopardy, and it is time a stand is taken to preserve these rights.

The rampage was orchestrated by Armando Navarro, a known anti-American racist, who holds a comfortable, taxpayer funded, tenured position as a professor (of hate and blood-letting?) at the University of California - Riverside, Ca., and who has devoted his life to promoting the Mexican conquest of the seven southwestern US states. He calls for the conquest to be carried out by force, if necessary. Navarro, and his minions whose combined IQ was that of a dead house plant, all appeared to be under the influence of drugs.

One California Minuteman volunteer, Jim Woods, was physically assaulted by a gang of ten of Navarro's thugs as he sat in his car alone at a border outpost. He was physically restrained in his car seat by the brown berets, who threatened to kill him. They stole his keys from the ignition and left him stranded without food or water for several hours. When Jim Woods identified two of the gang members to the Sheriff's Dept. and asked for an arrest, no action was taken by the Sheriff's deputies. One deputy just responded to Mr. Wood's plea for help with "Oh, you just lost your keys," despite repeated pleas to the contrary from Mr. Woods.

I am returning to Campo this week. Volunteers from anywhere in the United States are welcome to join me as soon as possible. Two minuteman groups from Texas have already committed to arrive this week. I am also requesting reinforcements from Chris Simcox's Minuteman Civil Defense Corps in Tombstone, Az. and from select members of another well-known California border watch group that operates independently from The Minuteman Project.

Navarro's anarchist's attempted to shut down, and trash, the VFW lodge because the lodge allowed thirsty and hungry California Minutemen volunteers to purchase food and water from its restaurant. Their attempts to bring down the U.S. flag were thwarted by Jim Chase's California Minutemen.

Our goals here are twofold:

1. Protect the rights of ALL Americans to freely and peacefully assemble without being physically assaulted, or threatened with violence to maim or kill them by the mindless minions of the Univ. of California's "Professor of Hate", Armando Navarro.

2. Protect America's war veterans at VFW Lodge 2080, in Campo, Ca. from being battered by literal thugs with clubs and to protect the property of that lodge from being destroyed.

3. Simultaneously, volunteers are forming to protest at the Univ. of Ca. - Riverside, demanding the ouster of Navarro from his department at a state funded institution, which Navarro has selfishly turned into a department of tyranny.

Americans, saddle up! Let's Roll! Contact California Minutemen in Campo, Ca. at 760-272-0525 ...asap. The VFW lodge address is 301 Sheridan in Campo, Ca.

Ca. Minuteman Web Site: http:www.californiaminutemen.com

Be warned that the roving gangs of adversaries engaging the California Minutemen WILL physically attack you if they outnumber you. I repeat, they WILL physically attack you. Stay in groups, and stay LEGALLY armed with pepper spray...tasers...etc. Sidearms are legal in certain areas in Campo. Confer with Jim Chase on the issue of sidearms. I am remaining unarmed, but will have legally armed body guards with me while I am in Campo.

Remember, remain passive. However, that does not mean you cannot defend yourself against threats to your safety by incoherent mobs of gangsters who are determined to do you physical harm.

It truly is a sad day in America when the First Amendment rights are preserved only for those who carry the biggest stick. The alternative is to remain a cringing little mouse and forever relinquish your unalienable rights to peacefully speak or assemble.

Good Luck, Americans. May God, patriotism, and country be with you. See you in Campo.

Jim Gilchrist, Founder - The Minuteman Project - Americans doing the jobs Congress won't do.

Website: http://www.minutemanproject.com -- Operating within the law to support enforcement of the law.