July 27, 2005

Act NOW to Stop CAFTA
House to Vote on Catastrophic Trade Scam Tonight

House to vote on this abomination tonight!
July 27 -- Bush and cronies are obsessed with getting the destructive Central American Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA) passed. This must be stopped. Call your rep. toll free TODAY at 877 762-8762 and ask for a no vote on CAFTA. Faxes are probably better. Click here to look up your rep and get the fax numbers. E-mail can also be sent (click here for info).
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H. R. 3045 Vote: 217 Yea - 215 Nay - July 27 -- 9:02 pm PDT - (This Feature by SWS)
Click here to see which congressional traitors voted for this travesty
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