July 31, 2005

Reconquista Reconfirmed
Former Washington Correspondent Nails It

La Reconquista -- Amnesty's Elephant in the Living Room
...In the half-decade since assuming office, Mexican President Vicente Fox has virtually advertised his desire for reconquest. Yet like that proverbial elephant in the living room, few Americans see the warning signs. In 2001, when talks with the U.S. over guest worker alternatives had begun, Fox said, "When we think of 2025, there is not going to be a border. There will be a free movement of people just like the free movement of goods."Indeed, Fox doesn't think the U.S.-Mexico border is such a good idea right now. His director of the Presidential Office for Mexicans Abroad, Juan Hernandez, stated in an April 2002 speech in Tucson, "Vicente Fox sees the nation of Mexico as being one of 123 million people ­ 100 million people within the borders, and 23 million living outside Mexico." -- More...AP Internal Use Only

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