August 14, 2005

Bush Could Learn from Her
Nineteen-Year-Old Makes Case Against Illegal Immigration

Hello there,
    I am 19 years old and I live in Maryland. I would like to get involved in helping to prevent illegal aliens from being here and getting our rights. What can I do to help? Last semester, I did my term paper in college on the case against illegal immigration. It was 10 pages long and was so powerful that even my liberal teacher (who didn't want me to write on that topic at the beginning) changed her mind about the issue after reading it. Maybe I could send it to some politicians and it might change their minds too?
Thank you! --- Lauren Payne

The Case Against
Illegal Immigration
Many Americans cannot compete with illegal workforces in the country who are willing to work for low wages. According to Frank L. Morris, the retired dean of Morgan State University's graduate school, African- Americans in areas with high populations of illegal immigrants are having the most trouble obtaining jobs and keeping them. -- Continue...

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