September 1, 2005

Big Bird Border Bound
ABP Led the Way

Top: $14 million Predator B
Bottom: $40,000 Border Hawk
Predator B Picked for Duty
Two and a half years after the non-profit group American Border Patrol led the way with the Border Hawk unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has finally signed a contract for its own Border Patrol UAV. General Atomics Aeronautical Services (GAES) of San Diego will be paid $14 million for one Predator B system. GAES will also provide operations and maintenance services. "While it costs $13,960,000 more than our Border Hawk, the Predator B is capable of doing the job," said Glenn Spencer of ABP."The question is whether the Predator will be put to proper use, or will Border Patrol management figure out how to emasculate it?" he added.
Sierra Vista Herald (No mention of ABP in this useless rag.)
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