September 9, 2005

This Is NOT OK
Mexican Army Move is Subversive

Red DotWitnesses: Mexican
   Troops are Armed
It Appears Legitimate
Lou Dobbs Tonight -- CNN - Sept. 8
Lou Dobbs: I think there's a great deal of good to say about this. The fact is that this is a great gesture, a gesture shared by a number of other countries. Any reason why Mexico could not send this aid without sending troops?
Casey Wian: Not sure why they couldn't send it without troops, but they do have an elite search and rescue team that proved itself in previous disasters in Mexico.
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Our comment: We can handle rescue at this point. The Mexican Army is here to aid in the Conquest of Aztlan. [Call/fax your Rep. and demand action or call your Rep. toll free: (877) 762-8762]

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