From: Congressman John Culberson Insider Updates
Sent: Friday, October 14, 2005 3:25 PM
Subject: Border Security Alert

Here is another article that illustrates the seriousness of the emergency along our border.  You do not need to go to Iraq to see the war on terror, you can go to Laredo.  Ask any law enforcement officer who serves along the Rio Grande and they will confirm that there is a full scale war going on down there.  I have just returned from a tour of the area, guided by border county sheriffs, and I am now convinced that the battle for Laredo is as important strategically as the battle of Gettysburg was during the Civil War.
The sheriffs are dismayed by the lack of attention from the national media and the lack of support from the federal government.  I intend to do everything in my power to educate the American people and Congress on the severity of this problem.  Nuevo Laredo is a ghost town and Laredo will soon become one unless we get serious about dealing with this threat.
During my visit, the Sheriffs gave me the following information:
·        A large, but unknown, number of al Qaeda terrorists and Chinese nationals are infiltrating our country virtually anywhere they choose from Brownsville to San Diego.
·        One al Qaeda terrorist was held for several weeks after being captured on our border and is currently under FBI custody. 
·        Paramilitary training camps run by Special Forces officers trained in Nicaragua and Guatemala operate in the open near Matamoras.  Terrorists, drug smugglers and killers are trained here within walking distance of Matamoras.
·        A large number of Islamic individuals have moved into homes in Nuevo Laredo and are being taught Spanish to assimilate with the local culture.
The border county Sheriffs are the only law enforcement officials capable of responding immediately and effectively to this security threat.  They are locally elected and they know the terrain better than anyone, but they are constrained by a lack of federal funding and they do not have the authority to assist the Border Patrol.  Volunteers can play a role in this battle by joining neighborhood watch programs, but the narcoterrorists and guerillas have the best weapons that money can buy, so the area is not safe for volunteers.  Next week, I will introduce a bill with Congressman Silvestre Reyes that will provide authority and direct federal funding for border county Sheriffs to assist Border Patrol agents in securing our border.  Full scale war is underway on our Southern border, and our entire way of life is at risk if we do not win the battle for Laredo.

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