October 22, 2005

A New Wave of Hope in America
Army Strykers Defend America 

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New Mexico Minutemen Get Help
   Hachita, N.M. -- The Associated Press has confirmed that the armored vehicles first reported on the border in New Mexico by American Border Patrol, are from The Stryker Brigade Combat Team at Fort Lewis, Washington.
    On Friday, ABP's Border Hawk M returned to New Mexico to document the Army's presence using its daylight cameras.
    At top left, New Mexico Minutemen can be seen waving at the Border Hawk. At bottom left, a U.S, Army soldier can be seen waving to a Border Patrol vehicle as it traveled north toward Hachita on New Mexico Highway 9.
    "While these are baby steps in the journey toward securing our borders, the presence of the Stryker Brigade on the Border in New Mexico is creating a wave of hope across America," said Glenn Spencer of American Patrol. Spencer said American Border Patrol will continue to support Minuteman October operations.

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