October 28, 2005

Night Shift on the Border
Border Hawk M At Work

What appears to be a solid object (top) dissolves into a group of runners (middle) who were later apprehended by the Border Patrol (bottom).
"Hot Rock" Dissolves Into People
    Palominas, Arizona -- Oct. 28 - During a routine night patrol of the border, ABP's Border Hawk M spotted a suspicious looking "hot spot" on the ground near the San Pedro River. As the Border Hawk circled for a better look the "rock" dissolved into five people running north.
    Using a 10 million candleower spotlight, ABP illuminated the group. Shortly thereafter they were apprehended by nearby Border Patrol Agents. The action took place at about 4 a.m. today.
    "We are always happy when we can come to the aid of the Border Patrol," said Glenn Spencer, president of ABP. Spencer said the invasion is accelerating.
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