November 1, 2005

T. J. Bonner Caves
Union Chief Sells Out to Dreier

Bonner buys Dreier "Card Scam"
The O'Reilly Factor - October 31
John Gibson: You say crack down on employers. You have an obvious problem on the borders and you seem to be unwilling to crack down there with force....
T.J. Bonner: I'm not saying crack down with force on employers. I'm saying make it simple for employers to figure out who has a right to work here and make it painful for them to circumvent that law. Then your left with the two percent and then you crack down with force at the border on those people who are smuggling drugs across the border and those people who are coming across to commit other crimes...
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If you legalize 98% you are left with 2%. There is no other way to read Bonner's position.

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