November 14, 2005

Cokie: Hispanics Want Invasion
Resistance Will Turn Mexicans Into Democrats

Cokie Roberts
See truth of 187 fallout
This Week with George Stephanopoulous - Nov. 13
Cokie Roberts: George Bush came to Washington from Texas where he had succeed in his second election in getting 49% of the Hispanic vote...he has tried to reach out. He understands the importance of this fastest growing minority group in the country - the fastest growing voter group. And yet the Republicans are just determined to shoot themselves in the foot... In California Hispanics were signing up in the Republican Party in the Reagan years. Then Proposition 187 comes along and the scene is anti-Mexican, anti-immigrant.
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Nonsense: If you try to stop the Mexican invasion, Mexicans will vote against you? An even better reason to stop it.

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